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Download latest snapshot from the unstable branch ( files from )
Operating System 32 bit 64 bit
OS/2 (2019-03-02)
Windows (2019-03-02) (2019-03-02)

Download latest snapshot from the unstable branch ( files from Brians site )
Operating System 32 bit 64 bit
OS/2 (2019-03-02)
Windows (2019-03-02) (2019-03-02)

Detailed Change Log (my Subversion log of all changes)

NOTE: The code in the "unstable" branch is truely bleeding edge. It is likely to contain bugs, have some functions broken and contain partially implemented features. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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RPM Repository

Users of RPM base Linux systems (including Fedora, Red Hat, OpenSUSE, Mandriva) can stay up to date by adding the File Commander repository to their repository list.

Changes with File Commander 2.50

  *) Editor: Add support for files with mixed line ending type:
    - Alt-U can now toggle between DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), Mac (CR), NULL or mixed.
    - When in mixed mode, Ctrl-U toggles the current line between the same options.
    - The character displayed on the status line indicates either the line ending
      type for the whole file (upper case) or, when in mixed mode, the current line
      (lower case).
    - Binary files are now safely editable.

  *) Editor: When a line is padded out by auto-indent, trim the line on file save.

  *) Editor: Remove fixed limit of 8 million lines.

  *) Add hot keys for configuration dialog fields.

  *) Add natural sort option.

  *) Add new %timestamp operator which can be compared against either a literal
     yyyymmddhhmmss value or the timestamp of another file using @filename syntax.

  *) Improve handing of quoted paths when Ctrl-J/Ctrl-Enter is used to append to an existing path.

  *) Add support for %attrib=L to test for symbolic links.

  *) Windows: Enable changing the compressed state of files from the File Attribute dialog.

  *) Windows: Add support for %attrib=C to test for file compression.

  *) Improve the way the Make Archive dialog creates the target archive file name.

  *) Optimise directory compare to be faster when comparing directories with a very large number of files.

  *) Unix: Fix %perm operator when running as root.

  *) Enable tests on file meta-data in syntax definitions.

  *) Don't include time spent on error messages in the BPS/ETA calculation in
     the copy/move status box.

  *) Add multiple choice associations by the use of double colon rules. Where
     more than one double colon association matches, the user is prompted to
     select which they wish to use.

  *) Editor: Clear the changed flag if all changes since the last save are undone.

  *) Editor: Add Ctrl-Shift-U/L/M to convert selected text to upper/lower/mixed case.

  *) Add Ctrl-Shift-A in File Find to copy all found files to the clipboard.

  *) Improve the way .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 and .tar.xz archives are handled.
     - No longer have to enter both layers manually.
     - Updating a file inside a .tar.gz file works correctly.

  *) Add full width panel mode, activated with Ctrl-Shift-F1/F2.

  *) Automatically refresh the Alt-F1/F2 drive lists.

  *) Add filtering of user menu items based on the current file.

  *) Add < and > modifiers for ! operators to override panel referred to as explicitly left or right.

  *) Added scroll bars to panels to provide a visual indication of position in the file list.

  *) Add remote control feature. Allows FC to be run over an ssh connection.

  *) Unix: Inside a TAR, show unix permissions, owner & group.

  *) Allow field history drop down lists to be wider than their fields if they
     contain longer entries.

  *) Add MaxFieldHist directive to set maximum number of history entries for
     input fields. Was fixed at 20.

  *) Windows: Switch to %APPDIR for storing configuration and data files to
     stop permission errors writing to "Program Files" area.

  *) Add directory synchronize function.

  *) Add option to create relative symbolic links.

  *) Add support for XZ compressed files.

  *) Unix: Greatly speed up scrolling of program output by suppressing screen
     painting while processing a block of text.

  *) Increase size of input field in editor's "Goto Line" dialog to allow
     millions of lines.

Changes with File Commander 2.41

  *) Fix Ctrl-Shift-T.

  *) Unix: Fix ability to delete a broken symlink where the link's target
     contains a directory that now exists as a file.

  *) Fix sorting of unicode file names in the panels.

  *) Unix: Fix position of tick marks in Left/Right menus. Were off by one
     after the addition of the "Unix detail" mode.

  *) Viewer: Fix jumping to the end of a file >2GB in size.

  *) OS/2,Windows: Quote file names containing a "+" in case they are passed to a
     copy command that interprets a + as a file concatenation.

  *) Viewer: Page Up in hex view mode would sometimes not work.

  *) Fix detection of same source & destination volumes when moving files from File
     Find's search results.

  *) Editor: Support Ctrl-Alt-Space as an alternative to Alt-Space so that
     Windows & Linux can have this "copy remainder of line above" function too.

  *) OS/2,Windows: Fix setting of console text colour when executing a command
     and ConsoleScrollback is off (the default).

Changes with File Commander 2.40

  *) Add !tf (tagged file with full path) 

  *) Fix !t behaviour in archives.

  *) Fix !F when opposite panel is showing an archive's contents.

  *) In Multi-file search/replace confirmation prompt, extend box width if
     necessary to fit the text values and don't overflow box if text still won't

  *) OS/2, Windows: Add Ctrl-Shift-E to eject removable media & Ctrl-Shift-L to

  *) Syntax Highlighter: Enable word characters to be redefined for each state.

  *) Editor: Add /w flag for syntax states for "word scope" to assist with LISP

  *) Add command line file name completion with Ctrl-TAB.

  *) Add support for 7zip format archives.

  *) Support !include in syntax definition file.

  *) Scroll back function to view console program output beyond the current
     window (Ctrl-B).

  *) File information dialog (Ctrl-I) showing detailed file meta-data.

  *) File Find: Added field to specify the code page used when searching files
     for the "Containing" string.

  *) Copy/Move: Add ability to specify overwrite mode in the initial dialog so
     that you don't have to wait for the first collision to occur.

  *) Add !lf operator to provide a list of tagged files with their full path.

  *) Add ability to remove an entry from command history with Delete key.

  *) Creation & deletion of symbolic links/junctions (Linux,Windows).

  *) Some improvements to Change Case function's Mixed mode.

  *) Display the target of symbolic links (Linux) and junctions (Windows).

  *) Viewer and Editor support for Unicode text files.

  *) Syntax highlighting in the viewer.

  *) Win64 port.

  *) Linux port.

  *) Use Unicode for all file names on Windows & Linux.

  *) Change the search match highlight colour in the viewer from "Menu Bar" to
     "Highlight" which is consistent with the editor and more sensible.

  *) Support includes in user menu files.

Changes with File Commander 2.30

  *) Trees now work in archives, including "Retain Dir Count".

  *) OS/2: Typing "mode 100,40" in FC resets ROWS, but not COLUMNS

  *) Prevent changing into a directory that you don't have rights to read. 
     EG the windows "System Volume Information" directory.

  *) Fix bug where retained directory size counts would get reduced when
     browsing directories containing hidden files with "hidden files" option

  *) Support file sizes >4GB in RAR archives.

  *) Support ZIP files with more than 64k files.

  *) Enable Ctrl/Alt/Shift-Fkey in user menu.

  *) Add multi-file search/replace function to file finder (Ctrl-R).

  *) Win32: Scroll wheel support in viewer, editor & file panels.

  *) OS/2: Added extra validation to guard against malformed .LONGNAME EAs.

  *) OS/2: Support >2GB files on redirected standard I/O.

  *) Editor: Ctrl-Space wouldn't copy characters >127

  *) Add syntax highlighting to the editor.

  *) Make Alt-F9 more like Shift-Alt-F9 in that it toggles between 25, 50 &
     custom number of lines.

  *) Using Ctrl-U didn't swap the panels' filters.

  *) Change Ctrl-\ to exit the current archive if we're in one rather than
     going all the way to the root of the drive.

  *) Win32: Use CopyFileEx() to copy files so that alternate streams are

  *) Using Alt-F1/2 then \ would not turn on the appropriate panel if it was

  *) Add sticky select mode to editor with Alt-S.

  *) Add progress indicator to editor file loading & saving.

  *) Make tree views able to expand/collapse branches. Controlled with Grey +/-
     and Ctrl-Grey +/-. Default tree state can be configured with the
     ExpandedTrees switch in fc.ini.

  *) OS/2: Work around PM insert state change when tagging files.

  *) Remove limit of 4000 matches in File Find.

  *) Include value of PathAppend configuration directive in the PATH
     environment variable of spawned processes.

  *) OS/2: Support BeginLIBPATH & EndLIBPATH pseudo-environment variables for
     extending DLL search path.

  *) In file find results, shift F8 deletion of directories doesn't recognise
     Cancel & All option persists between repeated uses.

  *) Add support for directory store/recall via the normal number keys as well as the numpad.
     (Win32 only).

  *) Add "All Older" option to the overwrite confirmation dialog.

  *) Support environment variable references in stored directory paths.

  *) Change File Find to search directories in alphabetical order instead of
     the LIFO stack it was using.

  *) Add !tx operator, like !t but chops the extension. Handy for converting
     files where the program requies both input & output file names & you want
     to change the extension.

  *) Prevent crash in File Find when searching a path more than 260 characters

  *) Added support for sub-menus of user menus

  *) Speed up loading of a large command history when MaxHist is set high.

  *) Allow user menu commands to be up to 4096 characters long, up from 259.

  *) Add initial support for UNC paths.

  *) Improve handling of bad sectors while copying files.

  *) Calculate Directory Size: Allow "Total Size" display more room.

  *) Fix retrieval of a stored path that's inside an archive via the Alt-F5
     stored path dialog.

  *) TAR reading: take notice of unix directory mode flag as well as trailing
     slash when deciding if an entry is a directory or file.

  *) Use more efficient memory allocator for storing text lines in editor for
     faster loading of large files.

  *) Optimise use of space in the panel status line when showing quantity &
     size of tagged files.

  *) OS/2: Enable shifted keys to work with keyboard redirectors like the
     telnet server.

  *) In File Find, enable F5/F6 to copy/move all files in the found list.

  *) In File Find, Delete key removes an item from the found list.

  *) Display "dirinfo" file in the lower section of the Info panel. Double
     click of same area or F4 edits the dirinfo file.

  *) Add / and ? keys to viewer as search forwards/backwards as in many unix
     tools (less, vi etc)

  *) Fix menu colouring so that both forground & background of menu highlight
     bar can be configured.

  *) Add built-in "set" command & [Environment] INI file section, allowing
     environment variables to be changed for executed commands. The set
     command allows temporary changes while the INI file section allows more
     permanent settings.

  *) Added Shift-TAB seek name completion

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